SRDR group won a series of awards!

Posted by ylee | News

In Oct. and Nov., 2019, the SRDR group members four awards!

First, Mr. Jaebeom Lee and Ms. Sahyeon Lee, graduate students of the SRDR group, were awarded at the International Symposium on Sea-Crossing Bridges in 2019, hosted by Korean Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers. At the international symposium, Jaebeom Lee presented Bayesian Prediction of Deflection Based on Measurement Data for Cable-Stayed Bridges (Co-author: Young Joo Lee), and Sahyeon Lee presented Nontarget-based Computer Vision Method for Structural Displacement Measurement (Co-authors: Junhwa Lee and Sung-Han Sim).

Plus, Prof. Lee and Ms. Sahyeon Lee were awarded at the Academic Symposium 2019 of Computational Structural Engineering Institute of Korea. Prof. Lee presented Seismic Resilience Assessment of Urban Water Transmission Networks (Co-authors: Sungsik Yoon, Gi-Hun Gwon, and Hyung-Jo Jung), Sahyeon Lee presented Structural Displacement Measurement based on Computer-Vision Method using 3D Point Cloud (Co-authors: Junhwa Lee and Sung-Han Sim).

Congratulations to all!