Undergraduate Courses

  • Probability concepts in engineering (DME311)
    The aim of this course is to identify and model non-deterministic engineering problems using probability theories. This course focuses on the introduction of stochastic concepts and simulation models, and their applications to real decision-making problems in various engineering disciplines including civil engineering.
  • Numerical modeling and analysis (DME321)
    This course introduces the basics concept of numerical modeling and provides students with numerical methods. In addition, students have experience of numerical modeling and analysis in MATLAB.

Graduate Courses

  • Structural reliability (DME502)
    The aim of this course is to offer a comprehensive review of reliability analysis methods and their applications to civil and structural engineering problems. In this course, students will learn several probabilistic approaches for structural reliability assessment including first- and second-order reliability methods, system reliability methods and sampling-based methods. As a final project, each student will be asked to model his/her own structural reliability problem and to solve it using one of the reliability analysis methods covered in this course.
  • Finite element methods (UIE507)
    The topics of this course include the theory and application of finite element methods stiffness matrices for triangular, quadrilateral, and isoparametric elements two- and three-dimensional elements; algorithms necessary for the assembly and solution; direct stress and plate bending problems for static, nonlinear buckling and dynamic load conditions; and displacement, hybrid, and mixed formulations.
  • Random vibrations (DME703)
    This course introduces probabilistic methods and applications to describe structural behavior under stochastic dynamic loads. Both time and frequency domain analyses to extract meaningful information from random signals are discussed. Theoretical and computer-aided approaches for data processing and analysis are covered.